Winter according to Chinese Medicine

Winter in Chinese Medicine is the season of rest and nourishment.

Although it is well past the holiday season, we shouldn’t forget that it is still winter.
The season of rest, replenishment and preparation for the wakening energies of the spring.

According to the classics we shall not exert ourselves during this time. As most part of nature goes to sleep, our qi -would- also naturally sink deeper in our body to nourish our organs, with special regards to the Kidneys.

I have seen so many of my patients complain about feeling tired or not having enough energy to do everything they desire to.

I believe a lot of people lost -some of- their connection to their bodies. Even though they hear it’s “voice” through aches and complaints, they forgot to truly listen to it.

It is time for preservation. Avoid heinous exercises, working too much -or long hours without adequate breaks. Calm the mind and focus it on the present moment.

Instead of asking: what can I achieve here and now? Try asking yourself, what should I really focus on at this moment?

According to Chinese Medicine, winter is the best time to simply focus on yourself.
Find a way to reconnect to the self. Nourish your body and soul so you too may find Harmony Within.

And if you feel like you need some help, do not hesitate to reach out via email or a free discovery call.
Chinese philosophy and medicine offers wondrous ways of establishing harmony and health in your life.

Beautiful photo by Pinter-Bodi Beata.

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