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Interested in how does Acupuncture work? Please read further below.

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What measures do you take to provide a safe, Covid-19 Secure environment?

Please see our ‘Covid-19 Policy’ section under the FAQ menu.

I would also like you to consider to bring your own towels and blankets as we will be limited in providing these items due to these new measures.

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How does acupuncture works?

How does Acupuncture work?

This is an excellent question and that is really what us -Chinese Medicine Practitioners- study throughout our life.

Here is my simplified understanding:
Meridians/channels are like rivers in our body. They carry (water = Qi) information, nutrient and they provide connection and life to their environment.
Acupuncture points are like turns and ditches in the river. They are places which may be flourishing or may be needing some decluttering.
Using acupuncture points -simply taken- is a way of providing the (energetic) body with some input/stimulus. Just like when we remove the rubbish accumulated in certain points of the river bank or rearranging it to slow or quicken its flow. The same way we provide the body with stimulus in order to achieve certain things.

In both cases our aim is to avoid disaster (floods) and to provide flourishing to the environment (person). As the correct amount of water (Qi) leads to a wealthy life.

Obviously it is a very simplified way of understanding Chinese Medicine, however it may prove very helpful. As most of the arts are based on the notion:

“If there is free flow, there is no pain; if there is pain, there is lack of free flow.”
– Huang Di Nei Jing

What can Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treat?

Short answer would be: it can have an effect on all diseases. However it is up to the knowledge of the practitioner, the state of the patient and their willingness to follow through, which truly determines treatment outcomes.

To answer your question a bit more, please go to our ‘Common Complaints‘ page.

Will it hurt? What does it feel like?

That is a very valid question. Aichmophobia, fear of needles affects 1 in 10 people worldwide. However I can assure you that it is generally a painless healing art. The needles we work with are approximately twice the size of a strand of hair, that is 10 times smaller than a hypodermal needle used for injections. Most people do not feel the insertion at all however some more sensitive patients may describe the sensation similar to the bite of a mosquito.

Acupuncture however is not only about needle insertion. I may also manipulate the needles to achieve a better therapeutic outcome. This is when I intentionally try to create a mild sensation at the given point. It is usually described as: warm, tingling, numb, moving, heavy, travelling or achy.

Please be reassured, everything done during your sessions is subject to on-going, informed consent by you. I will try my best to explain everything clearly to you. You are also encouraged to ask any questions that may arise.

Also to let you on a little secre, I myself have Arichmophobia -funny for an acupuncturist, isn’t it- hence I always ensure that acupucnture is only used in a way that is beneficial for you. Thus if you are more sensitive to needling, or have a phobia of needles, I will make sure to use very gentle techniques or to even substitute needling with Tuina (massage), acupressure or Toyohari (non-invasive contact needling) techniques.

My priority is to make you as comfortable as possible throughout your sessions. Thanks to the wonderful nature of Chinese medicine, I have the luxury to approach the treatment of an illness/condition from dozens of different ways.

What is the my first session is going to be like?

Initial session:
Option 1:
Due to Covid-19 measures we have implemented 30 minutes online (Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom) consultation which will precede your first in-person appointment at our clinic. This will ensure your safety while allowing us to personalize a completely unique treatment plan for you, by collecting all the necessary information for a thorough diagnosis.

You will also be asked to take photos of your tongue (for diagnostic reasons) and send them to your therapist.

If you choose this option, you will also be eligible for a 60 minutes appointment. All inclusive of the price of Initial consultation mentioned under Fees.

Option 2:
After completing the necessary screening documents, we will welcome you in a warm and Covid-19 Secure clinic, where you will have up to 90 minutes to enjoy the wonders of Chinese Medicine.
We will have an in-dept discussion of your presentation and needs, followed by our diagnostic procedures (see below). Once we have established your treatment plan we will ask for your consent so we can begin your treatment. Your treatment may be shorter in your first session, depending on the amount of time required to assess your personal situation.

What about follow-up and Tuina only sessions?

Follow-up sessions last up to 60 minutes. Similarly to your first session, it will include a brief discussion about your progress and a complete diagnosis so we can make sure to provide you with the most suitable treatment for you.

Tuina only sessions last up to 60 minutes. The aim of these sessions is to reduce the time of discussion, so you can enjoy the rejuvenating and relaxing features of this manual therapy for longer periods of time.
Please note, this sessions do not include the free 30 minutes consultation. Therefore if you have a complex issue, we recommend you to book our standard Initial session.

You may choose 2 options for yout Tuina session. Please check the Fees section for further information.

What does your diagnostic procedure involve?

At Harmony Within we believe in the traditional ways.
Therefore every treatment will be preceded by a thorough inquiry regarding your state of health, in order to establish a diagnosis based on Chinese medical principles.
Adhering to the traditions, I may take your pulse (at the radial side of each hand), have a look at your tongue and complexion, and palpate the affected areas, channels and acupuncture points whenever necessary.
This allows me to get a whole picture of your state of health and imbalance, so we can ascertain which aspects of you have been affected by your dis-ease.

What does an Acupuncture treatment involves?

You may think about it as the image of a tree. The roots are the ‘Diagnostic phase’ and the branches represent the ‘Treatment phase’.
Therefore each treatment changes patient to patient, and may even be different treatment to treatment.

Chinese medicine includes many therapies, such as acupuncture and moxibustion. What we use is entirely dependent on what your present with, your needs and preferences.

For more information – including what to expect – regarding each therapies offered at our practice, please see the ‘Therapies‘ section.

How many sessions will I need?

I prefer not to generalize,
however usually I recommend 6 session as a start. Once or twice a week (preferably). That is followed by a revision to see if you need any further attention from my behalf.

Everybody has different needs, therefore some may need less or more intervention depending on their state. Chronic conditions usually need more interventions due to their nature of causing accumulative changes on the body over time.
Prolonged treatments help to break harmful habits (on physical, mental and energetical levels) and kickstart the body’s self healing ability.

Although we are here to help to develop healthy habits, we understand that it is applicable to all patients -due to life style or severity of illness-, hence some prefer to come for “maintenance” therapy once a month in order to keep their symptoms in check.

What should I do before a session?

Please have breakfast/lunch on the day of treatment. Keep hydrated and arrive 5 minutes before your appointment.

Please avoid eating, exercising, having intercourse or taking stimulants (coffee) 1 hour prior and after consultation.
These requirements make sure you have sufficient amount of qi for us to work with during your session.

I advise you to wear loose clothing – if not available, we always provide towels – and come with an open mind.

What to do after session?

“Wait, do I get homework?”
Well not exactly but I believe that change comes from within. When we claim responsibility over our health and dedicate ourself to make changes in our lifestyle.

Acupuncture, Tuina etc. have tremendous healing effects, however optimum health does not come from doctors, therapist or gurus. Your health is in your hands.

In my practice I take into consideration your constitution (what you were born with), your lifestyle -including exercise, diet, thinking, social and work life- and your current presentation.

This is in order to provide you with recommendations, however it is up to you whether you are open to receieve them. No pressure.

As practitioners of these arts, our work does not stop with clearing away a symptom or an illness.

My mission is to guide you on the path of self-nurturing (Yangsheng) in order to reach harmony Within yourself and the community.