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Do you find it difficult to find time for self-care? To improve your fitness? Perhaps to lose weight or to learn more about your special interest? Or in my case, to improve marketing skills?

One of -if not the most- important aspect of actualizing -or manifesting- our goals is Consistency. No, I do not mean the firmness of your pancake (although that is also important:)Whether the goal is good health, financial stability, or spiritual development, it is fundamental to have clarity around our goals/directions and plans that we wish to use as tools for achieving our goals.However, even with the best plans, we may fall behind if there is no consistency backing them up..We have entered the true Winter in terms of Chinese Astrology. However, many people are still experiencing disharmonies of the Autumnal energies affecting our Lungs and Large Intestine (elimination).

Autumn was all about Discernment. The ability to start withdrawing into our mind-space, where we can make decisions around what is still beneficial for us and what must go.
Discernment is the bright manifestation of our Lung energies -Metal element- in our psyche. Our Lungs breathe in the fresh air and release what is no longer useful for usWe must follow the same natural order in terms of our thinking, connections and attachments to items and people.
*More about the Lungs in another post*

Although autumn is gone, we can still cultivate the brightness of the Metal element by Consistently practicing Discernment in our daily life.

Whether it is about choosing the food we eat, setting more boundaries around our social needs, or following an exercise routine. Consistency will lead to results.

Tai chi is an excellent “tool” to introduce and practice consistency in our daily life.
During the practice sessions, you may do the same move over and over again. We repeat things because the more we expose ourselves to specific moves/techniques the more we can understand them. Tai chi is not about what you can or will be able to do. It is about filling the body with awareness and practicing Consistently. Whilst also using discernment in order to improve -or rather- declutter the movements.
Tai chi is life.

The very same things apply to everyday life. Just as to therapy, diet, or Acupuncture sessions

Change and results require Consistency

If you wish to learn more about these practicies, or perhaps have other questions about Chinese Medicine. You know where to find me. 🙂

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