Change is not only inevitable but also necessary.
Looking at the world, at our own lives or the lives of those less fortunate.. It is very easy to recognize that nothing is constant in this life. The more we attach ourselves or even chain ourselves to that we percieve as stable and constant, the more we suffer -may that be the state of a country, our home, our relationships.

Do not get me wrong. It is essential to live life in a community. To keep strong bonds with each other. To rely on each other. However, these conections need to stay alive!
We need to treasure and maintain these relationships whilst also recognizing when they do not serve us anymore. When it is time to move on.

I will not talk much about Ukrain, as I do not intend to use the subject for my benefit.
That said, Ukrainians had no choice to say no to change. Many fled the country. Their livelyhood is depending on how well they can handle change. How much they are open to welcome it.
The same way the people who are less affected by the war should keep an open mind to receive change in their life. To reach out and do whatever they can to help those suffering.

Change and Chinese Medicine

Life is like water. It is always flowing. We may find ourselves near lakes -abundance-, however even a lake goes muddy if it has no way of movement. To refresh itself. To change bit by bit. To adapt. Health is the very same. Chinese Medicine is based on this very “simple” notion.

Our attitude towards life has to be aligned to the nature of the Dao (the way).
If it is not, we will be harmed. Or the least we will find ourselves struggling even more.

Weather you welcome change in the way you are thinking, the way you are moving or the way you are eating. It will benefit you. It will benefit us all.

My wish for today:
May we all be open to change. May we support all of those struggling with change.

Change can be difficult. Acupuncture has been proven to be an excellent tool to help you process and make changes in terms of your health and lifestyle.
Feel free to reach out today if you have any questions!

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