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At Harmony Within we promise our best to help you reach your optimum health an all -physical, mental and spiritual-levels.

We provide personalized treatments tailored to your needs which takes into account the state of your body, mind and emotions; alongside with your lifestyle in regards to sleep, work, diet and exercise.

​Come and join us on the pathway of well-being, good health and Harmony Within.


FREE Online consultation – 30 minutes

Chinese Medicine treatment sessions – 55 min: £40 – £70
May Include: Acupuncture, Tuina Massage, Moxibustion,
Cupping, Guasha, Electro-Acupuncture, Bloodletting

Manual therapy – Tuina medical massage only – 55 min: £40-£70


30 minutes Tuina massage with Guasha or Fire cupping: £30
Do you feel like you need the extra time to rejuvenate or dissolve your (mental) tensions?
Extend your treatment time, because you deserve it!

30 minutes Qigong class: £30
Want to take control of your life? Knowledge is power, and we love to empower people!
You will be taught self-help tools such as: breathing, meditation and self-massage techniques. Including Qigong exercises according to your personal needs.

Home visits:

Chinese Medicine treatment and consultation – 1 hour: £60
Social care – for the differently-abled/reduced mobility clients – 30 min: £15
Outcall charge – per visit: £20

Please note that all sessions include -an approximate 15 min- consultation/assessment time to ensure you are given the most suitable treatment according to your presentation at that point in time. Please see FAQ for more information about the sessions.