Health Coach Sessions

Why work with a Life & Health Coach?

Working with clients over the years as an Acupuncturist, I have slowly concluded that there are usually 2 main blocks between their current state and them becoming their happiest and healthiest selves.
And we can work on these both during your Health Coach sessions.

1. Their mental patterns and loops that they are stuck within

2. Lack of energy (qi) or its healthy distribution within the body

Whilst Acupuncture and Holistic Massage are excellent tools in softening ‘stuckness’ and correcting our qi distribution (amongst many other benefits), there is only so much change we can make by having a treatment once a week – as an average -if there are lifestyle factors which go directly against the treatments.

photo depicting online health coaching with affordable tier pricing. Listing a few points of focus in the practice that are written down below

The mind and the way it is shaped have the highest influence on how we see the world and ourselves. As well as the decisions we make and the habits we maintain.

Thus every time we don’t sleep enough, we spend too much time on social media, we fuel our emotions and so on.. we directly go against our true nature which is Harmony Within.

The problem, however, it is not even that we do not know what to do. Rather the opposite, as a fact most people are very much aware of the choices they need to make, yet they lack clarity, a depth of awareness and presence to make the changes that separate them from their ideal life.

Thus I have decided to offer Health Coaching sessions so we can tackle the patterns and stuckness by using embodied, compassionate and reflective tools in balancing our body, mind and qi.

Our aims in these sessions are:

  • Clarity
  • Practical applications
  • Compassionate presence
  • Melting down barriers
  • Harmonising our life towards our goals
  • Kind yet no-bullshit approach to transformation

What can we work on:

  • Personal goals and directions
  • Clarity and compassion
  • Developing more presence, love and joy in life
  • Confidence and acceptance
  • Mental health concerns
  • Becoming closer and more intimate with yourself
  • A sense of being stuck, lost and confused
  • Physical and emotional pain management
  • Your connection to others and loved ones
  • Practices to enhance performance, energy and focus

What we do not work on:

  • Prying deeply into the past, digging up traumas
  • Past lives and alternate realities
  • Unethical goals and taking advantage of others
  • Very severe mental health issues (although I am happy to support you, if you already have first-line support from the appropriate doctors and professionals)
  • A Health coach focuses on the present moment in relation to your future, that we are co-creating

Pricing for online sessions:

60 minutes – Sliding Scale Options*

  • Supporter rate (for those with stable income): £60
  • Regular rate (standard pricing): £45
  • Community rate (for those on low income): £30

90 minutes – £90 – no tiered option

In-person sessions are available at the standard rate, same as Acupuncture and Massage.
Please enquire further here.

Block Discounts:

  • Booking a block of 5-9 sessions will come with a 5% discount from the total
  • Booking a block of 10+ sessions will come with a 10% discount from the total
  • Any block bookings must be paid in full at the time of the booking

*Sliding Scale pricing allows people with regular stable income and wealth to support those that otherwise would not be able to take advantage of these services.
The supporter rate allows those on low and unstable income to get the support they need in the moment.

Terms and conditions:

  • Payment is due at the time of booking, completed by a bank transfer
  • If payments are not completed within 24 hours of booking, the appointment is automatically cancelled.
  • All bookings are under a 48 hours cancellation policy. Thus they are not refundable from 48 hours prior to the appointment. When possible, I will try to amend the time for the same day of the original appointment.
  • Any paid appointments (and blocks) unused after 3 months are not refundable.