Community Acupuncture Clinic in Crystal Palace

I am excited to offer Affordable (and Free?!) treatments to the local community as part of this Community Acupuncture Clinic based in Crystal palace.

Terms and Conditions below

How it works:

+A booking can be made by contacting me directly. You will be asked to read this terms and conditions, fill out the required paperwork, (send it back prior to your appointment) and arrive on time for your appointment.
+ An allocated slot of 40 minutes will be available for you on your visit. Which includes a quick chat, pulse taking, and the insertion of very fine needles (approximately 10 minutes).
+ You will share a spacious treatment room with 2 other people during your visit. Please make sure you do not have any cold or viral symptoms.
+ You will have an option to choose the amount you would like to pay on a sliding scale, depending your financial situation. Please give more if you can to support those who can only contribute with the minimum amount. The scale is between £15 and £30. If you can, please pay by cash to quicken the process.
+ You will also have an option to ‘Pay it forward’ to someone else. So even those who cannot contribute financially may be able to access it. All free treatments will be advertised in the following week.
+ The treatment will consist of auricular acupuncture (needles in your ear) and 1 body acupuncture point on your arms or legs. You won’t be asked to undress. If you wish to have the body acupuncture treatments, please come in suitable clothing that allows easy access from the elbows and knees down.
+ You are welcome to chat and get to know your ‘neighbours’, but please be mindful that not everyone may enjoy talking whilst receiving treatment.
+ There is a 48 hours cancellation policy in place. Thus, all appointments not attended or cancelled late, are charged at £20/booking.
+ You will have a chance to come back regularly, however I will try my best to offer a space for those who need it the most. As that is at the heart of a Community Acupuncture Clinic.

+ Location: Training Points, 6 Cooper’s yard, Crystal palace, SE19 1TN.

+ By booking a treatment slot at Harmony Within Acupuncture, you accept and abide by these terms and conditions.

Who is this session for:

– These simple yet effective treatments are an excellent way of trying out acupuncture for the first time.
– They are also a great opportunity to reap the benefits of Chinese Medicine for those, who may not be able to afford a private session.
– They are excellent to alleviate symptoms of:
*Anxiety, Stress, Low mood
*Chronic or Acute pain disorders
*Help with addiction: cigarettes, alcohol and drugs
*Support the immune system
*Strengthen the digestive system by relaxing the nervous system
*and much more

What this session is not suitable for:

+ It is not a session to address any complex health issues, or physical and emotional traumas at the root level. However, it can help to alleviate the symptoms of those.

+ It is not suitable if you wish to have long discussions and more intricate treatments, including massage. Please ask about my private sessions for such needs.
+ It is also not possible to have full privacy. So you may not have a chance to share your concerns with your practitioner alone (as the treatment space is shared with other clients).

How to apply:

Once you have read the T&C above, please send me your email address, full name and the date you wish to book for.

I will get back to you with a confirmation email as soon as possible.