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At Harmony Within we promise our best to help you reach your optimum health an all -physical, mental and spiritual-levels.

We provide personalized treatments tailored to your needs which takes into account the state of your body, mind and emotions; alongside with your lifestyle in regards to sleep, work, diet, exercise and thinking.

​Come and join us on the pathway of well-being, good health and Harmony Within.

Our prices

OFFER (Bundle of 5 Sessions)
5 x Chinese Medicine Treatments 1hr – £50 OFF £250

Acupuncture Initial Session 1 hr 30 min £60

Acupuncture Follow-up session 1 hr £60

One hour Tuina Massage £45

Half an hour in Heaven – Tuina Massage only session £30

Acupuncture (home visit)
Chinese Medicine treatment in your home 1 hr £80