Pregnancy, Labour, Acupuncture

Creating and giving life is one of the most beautiful achievements in life.
However – as it’s the case with most achievement – it also comes with a fair amount of pain, dedication and hard work. Did you know that Acupuncture can help not only to easy pain and discomfort during pregnancy but also to induce labour?

Acupuncture and Acupressure has long been used to manage ‘side effects’ of pregnancy and to induce labour when it is over the due date. Here is a short article on it.

Although I do not specialize in maternity acupuncture, I did have the pleasure of inducing labor for a kind client of mine recently.

Pregnancy is a very complex journey that requires plenty of support from your environment, family, professionals and your own believes.

LI4 Acupuncture point used to induce labour. Hand on abdomen. Needled placed in the hand.
LI4 Acupuncture Point used to induce labour

There are so many requirements for a successful childbirth.

1. The First Container.
As a mother, one of the most important tasks during pregnancy is to treat your body as a temple. To prepare and create the sacred grounds which will prepare you for one of the most wonderful and difficult tasks of life. The body is the first container.

2. The Second Container
Although your body may be ready. You may even start having contractions. However the new life, the baby also needs to feel the safety and joy of her mother.
It is important to let go of fears, unnecessary expectations and to truly feel the joy and trust in the process. Thus, the heart-mind is the second container.

3. The New life
Once the First and Second container is ready, it is up to the new soul to make their move.
Of course I am sure there are many more factors that I am ignorant of. However life is really about alignments and effort. We need to put in the effort into manifesting our dreams. However we also cannot rush the comings and goings of life.
Whether we call it “God’s mysterious ways” or the natural unfolding of the Dao, the baby is going to be ready when it is their time. Trust the process and surround yourself with people who are able to help you walk through this deep process.

Where does Acupuncture come into the picture?

Acupuncture can support the Mother during pregnancy and even prior to conception to prepare both the body and the mind for this sacred journey.

Needles and heath therapy (moxibustion) can be used to balance the body, nourish fertility, reduce unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy (bloating, nausea, mood changes, cramps, etc) and also to naturally induce labour when the time is ready.

Or rather, prepare the Containers so the environment is optimal and welcoming for this new life to join us here on Earth.

Even though I have only played a tiny part in this life’s birth, it still filled me with joy.
So please do get in touch if you or someone you know may need additional support on this beautiful journey.

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