First time

First time to our Chinese Medicine Practice?

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What to expect regarding the structure of a session?

Initial session:
Due to the holistic nature of our practice, the initial session may last up to 80 minutes in order to collect all the necessary information leading to a completely unique treatment plan personalized for you.

Follow up sessions:
Follow-up session lasts up to 60 minutes, which include a brief discussion about your progress and a complete diagnosis described below.

“Half an hour in Heaven” Tuina session:
We are delighted to offer a massage (Tuina) only sessions, targeted for those who simply desire a bit of relief from everyday life but do not have much time in their hands.​

At Harmony Within we believe in the traditional ways.
Therefore every treatment will be preceded by a thorough inquiry regarding your state of health, in order to establish a diagnosis based on Chinese medical principles.

Diagnosis is followed by the treatment which may consist of several therapies -such as acupuncture and moxibustion- according to your needs and the treatment principles governed by TCM philosophy.

For more information – including what to expect – regarding the therapies offered at our practice, please see the ‘Therapies‘ section.

​Number of sessions:
In general we recommend 6 to 8 treatments. According to our experience everybody has different needs, therefore some may need less or more intervention depending on their prognosis. Chronic conditions may need prolonged treatment due to their accumulative changes on the body over time. Following a successful block of treatments, some patients prefer to come for “maintenance” therapy once a month in order to keep their symptoms in check.

What to do before session?
Please have breakfast/lunch on the day of treatment, however avoid eating, exercising or taking stimulants (coffee) 1 hour prior and after consultation.
They are both required to make sure we have qi to work with, which is not focused on digestion during treatment.

Please keep hydrated and arrive 5 minutes before your appointment.

We ask you to wear loose clothing – if not available, we always provide towels – and come with an open mind.

What to do after session?

Wait, do I get homework?
Well not exactly but at Harmony Within we believe that change comes from within.

Acupuncture, Tuina etc. have tremendous healing effects, however optimum health does not come from doctors, therapist or gurus. Your health is in your hands.

In our practice we take into consideration your constitution (what you were born with), your lifestyle including exercise, diet, thinking, social and work life.

This is in order to provide you with recommendations however it is up to you whether to follow them.

Our work does not stop with clearing away a symptom or an illness.

Our mission is to guide you on the path of self-nurturing (yangsheng) in order to reach harmony and health.