Wisdom of Winter

Winter in Chinese Medicine (I)

The understanding of Seasons, Wisdom and adaptibility (Wu Wei)

I. Understanding the Seasons according to CM
‘As above, so below.’
It is becoming well understood that our environment -family, pollution, weather- has a great effect on our well-being. In the past, they understood this phenomenon as the world at large (macro-cosmos) had a direct connection to our own being (micro-cosmos).
This ‘natural law’ has been very well observed and documented within Chinese Health traditions.

Even if we are looking at things from a scientific perspective. Since the beginning of time, both animals and humans have been following and adjusting to the changes in the seasons.

They understood that health is based on our recognition of change and our flexibility to adapt to it. It is not simply about ‘going with the flow’, but rather holding awareness in every moment, so we have the ability to do the correct action at the right time (Wu Wei). This brings us back to the previous topic on Discernment.

II. Winter in CMWinter is associated with the Water element in the 5 phase theory (Wuxing).
It is all about slowing down, reflecting, and storing all that is beneficial to us.

Autumn was the perfect time to use the Metal energy to cut away all unnecessary attachments.
Now the Water element is really helping us to reconsider all the learning we had done this year.

Winter is associated with the Kidneys. In Chinese Medicine, they are seen as a sort of power storage in our body. From a practical point of view, we should look at its associated challenging emotion -Fear- and Heavenly Virtue -Wisdom.

III. The Five Phases/Elements in relation to the Wisdom of Winter
Wisdom is based on our own experiences (Fire). It is clarified by paying close attention (Earth) to learn from it and discern (Metal) whether following specific patterns and decisions is beneficial for us. As we Integrate (Earth) everything according to our core values we will be able to derive the lessons (Water) that can be formed into:
Wisdom, once they are filled with awareness and clarity.

Using new understandings (Water) we are able to make clear goals and plans (Wood) that are Clear (Fire) and aligned (Earth) with our core values and needs.
It cannot be stressed enough that all of these have to be done with Compassion (Wood) towards the self and others.

Meditative practices are at the centre of such reflective work and they are very much supported by both the Winter season and the Astrological year of Yang Water (Tiger) which is coming to an end soon.

In future posts, I will talk more about Fear and its effects on our overall health as well as on our ‘Will’, which is another aspect associated with the Kidneys.

In conclusion, taking advantage of Seasonal tendencies can help to keep us happy and healthy. Whilst going against the flow -continuing life with the same intensity- can hinder our well-being and spiritual development.

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If you feel out of sync with nature, Acupuncture and Tuina massage can be effective tools to get you “synced up”. Feel free to reach out.

Consistency and Discernment in

Everyday life | Tai chi | Acupuncture

Do you find it difficult to find time for self-care? To improve your fitness? Perhaps to lose weight or to learn more about your special interest? Or in my case, to improve marketing skills?

One of -if not the most- important aspect of actualizing -or manifesting- our goals is Consistency. No, I do not mean the firmness of your pancake (although that is also important:)Whether the goal is good health, financial stability, or spiritual development, it is fundamental to have clarity around our goals/directions and plans that we wish to use as tools for achieving our goals.However, even with the best plans, we may fall behind if there is no consistency backing them up..We have entered the true Winter in terms of Chinese Astrology. However, many people are still experiencing disharmonies of the Autumnal energies affecting our Lungs and Large Intestine (elimination).

Autumn was all about Discernment. The ability to start withdrawing into our mind-space, where we can make decisions around what is still beneficial for us and what must go.
Discernment is the bright manifestation of our Lung energies -Metal element- in our psyche. Our Lungs breathe in the fresh air and release what is no longer useful for usWe must follow the same natural order in terms of our thinking, connections and attachments to items and people.
*More about the Lungs in another post*

Although autumn is gone, we can still cultivate the brightness of the Metal element by Consistently practicing Discernment in our daily life.

Whether it is about choosing the food we eat, setting more boundaries around our social needs, or following an exercise routine. Consistency will lead to results.

Tai chi is an excellent “tool” to introduce and practice consistency in our daily life.
During the practice sessions, you may do the same move over and over again. We repeat things because the more we expose ourselves to specific moves/techniques the more we can understand them. Tai chi is not about what you can or will be able to do. It is about filling the body with awareness and practicing Consistently. Whilst also using discernment in order to improve -or rather- declutter the movements.
Tai chi is life.

The very same things apply to everyday life. Just as to therapy, diet, or Acupuncture sessions

Change and results require Consistency

If you wish to learn more about these practicies, or perhaps have other questions about Chinese Medicine. You know where to find me. 🙂

Emotional difficulties and Virtues

Chinese Medicine (CM) has an incredible beautiful and deep way of understanding the correlation between our emotional states and the effect they have on our everyday life.
Cultivating Virtues is a way to counteract and relieve emotional difficulties that has taken charge of our lives.

One of the central ideas in CM is the Five Phases (5F) (Five Elements, Wu Xing). Which is a representative system used to understand the human experience. The weather, personal abilities and tendencies, our health and much more.

Without going into details (into this vast subject of) the 5F represent our 5 main internal organs. Which also have a natural correlation to 5 emotions, depicted below.

Now it is important to understand that ancient healers and cultivators of Asia understood that Emotions are natural. They are messengers between the body and the mind. They both express our needs, our weakness, when our desires are met and when our boundaries are crossed. You could see them as a system of neurons. A pathway transmitting information in a certain way.

Emotions are a manifestation of our inner being (internal organs). However they also have an effect on those organs in return.

Feelings are the shortest lived informational packages, which most people often miss or decide to discount and avoid to deal with.
Emotions often develop from feelings that are more persistent and stronger in nature.
Moods however, are always pathological. As they are a chronic representation of specific emotions that we have not been able to part with.

Healthy emotions are short-lived.

This is a major point that I wish more people understood. Yes emotions are essential. However they are meant to disappear, to fade away once their message has been received.

In Daoism, just as in Chinese Medicine the Heart is seen as the Ruler, Emperor/Empress of the Empire that is our being (body, mind, soul). It has been seen as a corner stone for the Empress to be centered, grounded person whose heart is Empty like a cup. So emotions, feelings, sensations can fill it and empty out from it. The Heart is also depicted as a Lake which is calm and smooth on the surface. It is natural to find ripples in the lake, however too much movement will disturb the whole ecosystem of the lake and create turbidity.

Tao is being Empty,
it seems one who uses it will lack solidity (as in presence in the world).

An abyss,
it seems something like the ancestors of the thousand things.

It dampens the passion
it unties the tangles
it makes the flashing things harmonious
it makes the dust merge together.

Tao Te Ching, Chapter 4 (Michale Lafargue translation)

This chapter explains the nature of the Tao/Way, that is the way of people cultivating, improving themselves by embracing emptiness. Which in return will provide the person with peace and the ability to respond to life events appropriately.

People are not only born with the innate ability to experience emotions but also the choice to express and experience the pure manifestations of the 5F, the Five Virtues.

A column explaining the mutual representations of the 5 organs, 5 phases and 5 virtues.

As it can be understood by looking at the pictures above, all of the 5 phases has an association with the five organs, five emotions, five emotional poisons and five Virtues.

What does this mean in practice?

Lets suppose:
Someone has crossed your boundary thus you are feeling quite angry with them. You may have not found the correct way to express your emotion thus it keeps growing and stifling inside you.

Remember that emotions are just messengers. Thus emotions has to be expressed in a healthy way.
If you look at the five virtues, you will notice that the virtue (opposite) of Anger is Compassion.

Practicing compassion can help you to express your anger in a healthy way. As you consider the other person’s point of you and experience, you can develop some compassion towards them. Thus it should help to shoot your anger.

Compassion also allows as to prevent the development of strong, volatile pathological emotions and moods. Thinking of others in a compassionate way, as well as treating yourself with compassion will allow to get rid of judgement, irritation and anger.

Of course as it is not so simple to develop virtue. Just as alleviating and healing from anxiety takes time, so does practicing and developing said Virtues.

If we take anxiety for example, one will have little ability to practice propriety of the Fire phase (doing the appropriate thing at the appropriate time) from the get go. However one may be able to nourish the Wood phase (mother phase, the one before Fire) by practicing compassion. Likewise one may use the Water and Earth phase to cut back on the excess fire in the Heart by practicing Awareness and Commitment.

You can read more about the 5 Virtues from Heiner Freuhauf. Who did an exceptional translation on a classical text dedicated to the subject.

Dealing with our emotions is not an easy talk. However making an effort to process them and express them is essential. Working with the Five Phases and the Five Virtues can be a useful guide in that.

Tai chi is an embodiment of the Eastern teachings. Thus it can also be extremely helpful in developing and practicing such virtues. Understanding them in the practice and transforming not only our bodies but also our minds in terms of how we react to everyday life. Do not hesitate to try out some classes if you are located nearby.

It is not a coincidence that I have started practicing Tai chi and Qigong many years ago.
It has been a tremendous help to my own mental health.

Luckily Acupuncture is also a magnificent tool in balancing your nervous system and to address ongoing emotional difficulties. If you have a question, ask away!

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Pregnancy, Labour, Acupuncture

Creating and giving life is one of the most beautiful achievements in life.
However – as it’s the case with most achievement – it also comes with a fair amount of pain, dedication and hard work. Did you know that Acupuncture can help not only to easy pain and discomfort during pregnancy but also to induce labour?

Acupuncture and Acupressure has long been used to manage ‘side effects’ of pregnancy and to induce labour when it is over the due date. Here is a short article on it.

Although I do not specialize in maternity acupuncture, I did have the pleasure of inducing labor for a kind client of mine recently.

Pregnancy is a very complex journey that requires plenty of support from your environment, family, professionals and your own believes.

LI4 Acupuncture point used to induce labour. Hand on abdomen. Needled placed in the hand.
LI4 Acupuncture Point used to induce labour

There are so many requirements for a successful childbirth.

1. The First Container.
As a mother, one of the most important tasks during pregnancy is to treat your body as a temple. To prepare and create the sacred grounds which will prepare you for one of the most wonderful and difficult tasks of life. The body is the first container.

2. The Second Container
Although your body may be ready. You may even start having contractions. However the new life, the baby also needs to feel the safety and joy of her mother.
It is important to let go of fears, unnecessary expectations and to truly feel the joy and trust in the process. Thus, the heart-mind is the second container.

3. The New life
Once the First and Second container is ready, it is up to the new soul to make their move.
Of course I am sure there are many more factors that I am ignorant of. However life is really about alignments and effort. We need to put in the effort into manifesting our dreams. However we also cannot rush the comings and goings of life.
Whether we call it “God’s mysterious ways” or the natural unfolding of the Dao, the baby is going to be ready when it is their time. Trust the process and surround yourself with people who are able to help you walk through this deep process.

Where does Acupuncture come into the picture?

Acupuncture can support the Mother during pregnancy and even prior to conception to prepare both the body and the mind for this sacred journey.

Needles and heath therapy (moxibustion) can be used to balance the body, nourish fertility, reduce unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy (bloating, nausea, mood changes, cramps, etc) and also to naturally induce labour when the time is ready.

Or rather, prepare the Containers so the environment is optimal and welcoming for this new life to join us here on Earth.

Even though I have only played a tiny part in this life’s birth, it still filled me with joy.
So please do get in touch if you or someone you know may need additional support on this beautiful journey.

Summer Heat in Chinese Medicine

The ancient Sages/Shamans who were practicing Chinese medicine, strongly believed that the climatic, environmental factors have a strong effect on us humans.

They differentiated 6 climatic factors, which they also called the ‘6 Evils’. Because they understood that excessive climatic factors can lead to disease.
Although the Sages did not have technology and Science, yet they were much wiser than people nowadays. They understood that they have to live in harmony with nature, the changing of seasons and Qi (energy).
They were also aware of that ‘Evil Qi’ only attacks people if their immune system (Protective qi) is deficient due to disease of poor lifestyle.

Picture depicting the five phases in chinese medicine, including the 5 seasons
5 Phases in Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine also has an understanding of the seasons according to the 5 Phases (some people call them elements) which are not only a representation of they climatic factors, but also our internal organs and much more.

We are currently moving away from Fire (Summer) into Earth (Late Summer) phase. Which means that the major climatic factors currently are ‘Summer Heath’ and ‘Dampness’ (please read my previous article describing Dampness in regards to Diet).

Heat is a simple concept. The hot weather makes us sluggish, sweaty, tired and possibly irritated.

So what can we do about it?

1. Cold drinks – No No

First off: although I looove and iced latte (with oat milk of course) in Summer, I also understand what a bad choice it is. Introducing cold internally actually harms our digestive system (Earth) which is meant to provide us with metabolic Fire. It does not only brings cold (and Dampness) into the digestive tract, it also cools down the Lungs (Metal).

The Lungs are responsible for managing the pores and thus keeping them open when needed. Drinking an icy cold drink cools down the Lungs, which in return closes our pores and may actually pull in the External heath even further into the body.

It is well known that perspiration cools down the body. Open pores allow sweat to be released. The body releases heath through the sweat, which in return further cools down the body. Isn’t that what we want?

2. Hot drinks and spicy food

Instead of ice, try some spice!
Having a moderate amount of spice in our diet as well as some hot tea will actually help to keep the pores open and to cool down the body quicker. Green tea is especially good as it has a cooling quality.

Of course make sure not eat too spicy, as you do not want to fight heat with fire.

3. Keep hydrated, right?

Yes! But also no.
Drinking plenty of fluids is useful as we loose a lot through sweating. However the body receives most of its hydration from the food we consume.
Thus eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and the least processed foods (raw, gently stir-fried) are the best to be consumed at this time.

4. Diet, diet, diet

Diet is not just about what you eat. It is also about when, in what environment, how much and so on.
It is best not to overeat in summer and also to avoid heavy, oily food. Try to have light meals. However also pay attention to your own digestive system. Some people with weaker digestion may not benefit from too much fruit and cold/raw food. Keep attention!

5. Exercise

Exercise should be minimal and it should be avoided in the peak hours 11-2 pm.
The heart is already more challenged by the heath, which dilates the blood vessels and thus lowers the blood pressure. Which in return often spikes up the heart rate.

On the other hand, doing Qigong exercises -specifically working on the Heart and Digestive region- can be extremely helpful. It helps to release excessive ‘Heat’ qi by gently opening up the body (joints, tendons, muscles) and relax the mind (to keep it relaxed).

6. Waking early

Waking up with the first light, followed by some meditation is an excellent way to follow the natural rhythm. Likewise, it is appropriate to go to bad later. Which should be not much later than sunset.

7. Detox

As the weather is now in the Earth Phase (Yang Earth according to Chines Astrology), it is an especially good time to balance the excess in our digestive system with some form of detox.

When I say detox I do not mean any special diet. Simply taking off the load from the digestive tract. Leaving all the ice-cream, fried foods, alcohol, sugar, ultra-processed ingredients behind. Having a bland meal maybe once a day or once a week already helps to take a load off from our Stomach and Spleen

We can also do some intermittent fasting (if that is suitable for you personally) or to do an even gentler fast where we drink nourishing herbal tea instead of a meal (preferably dinner).

According to my very kind teacher (Anita Eredics), it is a perfect time to drink Mint (which is cooling and calming for the digestive system), Lavender (calming for the mind and cleansing for the bowels) and Calendula (reduces inflammation, clears heat and tonifies our Earth organs).

8. Meditation

Although the qi has started to descend, the environment is still very hot. Thus the qi has a tendency to rise to the head and get stuck there. Which may result in headaches, absent mindedness, floaty sensation, irritability, anxiety and insomnia.

We can counterbalance it with simple daily meditations where we bring our focus back into our body. Sitting and focusing on your lower abdomen (for man) and your heart centre (for the ladies) even for 5-10 minutes daily can help to centre ourselves

9. Astrology

According to the Earthly branches of Chinese Astrology we are currently in Yang Metal (Monkey) which represents reaping the fruits of our labor/year and slowly bringing our focus down back to the body.

Thus it is a great time to enjoy holidays. To relax and bring our focus back onto ourselves.

It is especially a good time to implement mental detox and meditation into our daily habits. As the energetics of the month and the year are opposing each other. Which, being supplemented by the monthly associated hexagram of I Ching (12, Pi, Blockage), further warns us about possible confusion and disorder in our lives.

Therefore, meditation and finding our centre is strongly encouraged.

Yawning = stuck energy?

I have a confession to make. I am a little bit in love with yawning. And it is not because I promote stuck energy for people. Rather the opposite.

I find yawning a widely misunderstood concept. Yes, it does bring more oxygen to the brain when it is needed. However people don’t only yawn when they are tired or bored.

Picture of a puppy yawning
Yawns are cute. Aren’t they?

If you have been to my Qigong/Tai chi classes, there is a very high chance that you have seen me yawning more than once. No, it’s not because I am bored of my own classes 😀

In Chinese medicine frequent yawning is often seen as a symptom of Qi constraint (energy failing to move freely in the body).

Now this is true, however the action of yawning is actually a “process” to relieve tension and constraint. It is a natural body mechanism. The action of yawning has an ability to release the diaphragm, which is often overly tight for most people. Whether that is because of unresolved trauma, excessive stress or postural imbalances, digestive issues etc.

A relaxed/healthy diaphragm is essential for the optimum movement and dispersion of Qi within the body. Which is initiated via the Lung and Liver organ axis.

Moreover, yawning is not only a process but also an important sign. A sign that the nervous system is becoming relaxed. Indicating active parasympathetic (rest and digest) or Ventral-vagal (social engagement) states of the central nervous system. In lay terms, if someone starts yawning whilst talking to you, It probably means that they feel relaxed enough in your presence so that they need not to be in a fight flight state.

In conclusion, yawning is something that I love to see and encourage in my classes and practice.

Let’s yawn away all that stress and anxiety 🙂

Let me know if you are interested in practices that help to release pent up emotions, stress and tightness in the body.

Managing expectations

In general, I have always held the belief that expectations are perfect, fertile ground for disappointment and therefore suffering.
However, they are part of our daily lives. They help us orientate ourselves and provide a sense of safety in regards to what is happening around us and to us. They can be useful coping tools to deal with stress and uncertainty. However, they (can) also pose as barriers to personal development.
Thus managing expectations is a crucial part of our lives.

It is very important to differentiate between goals, plans, and expectations.

Goals provide targets and direction. They are extremely important and also great for our health.

Plans are slightly more detailed goals with variations. Where we invest a good amount of mental energy into developing an image, a mental structure that we aim to achieve.

The main difference between the last two and expectations is ‘Attachment’.
Attachment brings inflexibility. It reduces our perception of the present -which is now based on our past- and it provides a false picture of our future.

What is your expectation of this blog post?

Whether we attach ourselves to people, beliefs, expectations and so on. All we do is create a false sense of safety whilst reducing our own freedom to act and live in accordance with nature.
Which is ever-changing and ever-transforming. Unexpected and beautiful.

Now dear Reader, how is this relevant to you?

In my humble opinion, expectations are one of the biggest hurdles in the healing journey. For both the practitioner and the client.

Healing has a clear goal. But reaching, or rather maintaining health is not a linear journey.
As a practitioner, my goal is always going to be to ease your suffering. However, if I attach myself to an immediate goal -expectation- I will break the connection to the present, the present version of you.

Likewise, as a patient, it is important for you to understand that healing is a never ending journey. But that does not mean you will need a practitioner by your side for the whole length of it. Actually, you will meet a lot of different people, who will play many different roles -often in an unexpected way.

So if expectations create a false sense of safety, how can we attain safety?

First off, true safety can only exist internally. With the increasing experience of the recent pandemic and war going on, it is hopefully becoming easier to understand that external safety is a mirage.
We can spend our whole life building it, and it can disappear in a matter of hours or even seconds.

Safety comes from building a nourishing, warm, safe environment within ourselves. Our minds, our hearts, our souls – use any terminology that is aligned with your spiritual/religious beliefs.

We can only affect the hear and now. We can only claim this immediate space, this immediate moment. The only thing we truly have power over is our response to internal and external stimuli. So, let’s work on that wisely.

How are you managing expectations?

Ps: As always, these are just my personal thoughts. My personal truth. I respect everyone’s subjective truth and I am also humbled by the knowledge that there are many more advanced players on this planet. Playing the game of life and consciousness.

Awareness, Healing & the role of the Practitioner

There is a saying in therapist/healing circles that “the patients know their body the best”. But do they really? Sure they have lived through the experience of their body, mind, and emotions for an extent of a time that we practitioners could never grasp fully. But how much of it are they actually familiar with?
The healing journey requires us to build awareness not just around our conditions but also our health.

Just to put it out there, no I am not saying that your health professional will always know your body or state of health better than you. And consent should never be given up because your practitioner may know “best”.
Rather I am inviting you on this journey of exploration. To really ask yourself these questions:
How well do I know my body? How well do I know my thought patterns? How well do I really know myself?

A close up photo of a human eye looking into distance. Black and white.
What is the lesson here?

Although I am not trained in psychology/psychotherapy and I am not a therapist in those terms. I do however often find myself in the place of providing a reflective surface for my clients.
In my humble opinion, empowerment comes from holding space for transformation, recognition, and reflection.

It does not come from giving the “right” answers to people, but rather providing an opportunity for others to build consciousness around their issues, so they can reflect and learn from their own bodies.
Sometimes this can happen by listening and providing feedback. Sometimes it happens non-verbally through touch, different healing modalities, and energy work.

Try to tell someone what they should do and they will never do it.
Hold space for someone to recognize their own true needs and it will change their lives.

Health is based on the quality and amount of consciousness we are willing to build around our life, our bodies, thoughts, and emotions. It is about building awareness around our needs and the actions we take to meet those needs.
Dis-ease, sickness, pain, and trauma are all but lessons. Lessons that require our attention, effort, patience, and compassion to process. Lessons that provide a space for transformation.

As a practitioner -or healer, if that term does not bring negative connations to you – my role is to provide a safe container, a safe space for transformation. To provide the ignition for these processes and to be there to observe, support, and direct the process if necessary.

It is time for transformation in your life?
Feel free to reach out and let’s see if I am the right person to support you on this important journey.

Should I try Acupuncture and Tuina massage?

Here is a short clip with a short answer:

Who is Acupucnture and Tuina Massage for?

What is the longer answer?
Acupuncture is for everyone, who is willing to invest in their own wellbeing.
Change is generated from micro-changes. Dedication and consistency.

It is totally fine to simply arrive to your session to relax and wind down. So you can look forward to your weekly self-care.
However if you wish to make the most of your sessions, you will need to supplement your journey with reflecting on your daily actions and habits. So you can make the neccessary changes that can support you to reach your ideal outcome.

Acupuncture and Tuina are focused on the person, not the disease.

Thus if you come to see me with back pain. I will be able to help and alleviate it. However in order to “fix” it you will have to do your reflective work, identifying actions (e.g. too much screen time) that are aggravating your conditions.

I do offer general lifestyle advice, but usually we do not have the time to go into too much details on that topic in your sessions.
The more involved you are in your own healing process/journey, the quicker and more meaning ful changes we can make. It is a 2 player game 🙂

Do you use protocols?

Two people visit me, complaining about headaches. Chances are, I will treat both of them very differently. Every client goes through a process of diagnoses, which allows us Acupuncturists to understand the pathomechanism involved with your complaints.

As opposed to allopathic/western medicine, most of us do not work with protocols.
You have chronic back pain? Sure I could just use a list of points that tend to work, however I much prefer going through a detailed diagnostic procedure (asking questions, palapting the area, listening to your pulse, looking at your tongue, etc) before I develop a treatment plan.
Thus your treatment will be fully tailored for you!

Does it mean that you can heal/fix everything?
Certainly not. Every practitioner has their limits.
It is just as important to stay within your level of competence, as you trying to provide the best care for everyone coming through your door. Sometimes the best I can do is refer clients to other specialists. And that is okay.
I am only going to work with you if I believe I can offer you some reliefe to your suffering.

Is it actually a good idea to fixate on the outcome of the treatments?
That is the golden question that I have been pondering on for years. Us “healers”/therapist are driven by results. We love to see the change we co-create in our clients lives. We aim to ease suffering in everything we do.
However, I found that chasing outcomes is detrimental for both the practitioner and the client.

What is the focus of Chinese Medicine?
So what should we focus on then?
My role as a practitioner is to focus on You. Your very current representation, needs priorities. When I say you, I do not only mean what you convey through language, but also what your physical and energetical body tells me through my diagnostic skills.

I have a role where I need to observe changes and react to it in a way that serves the best possible outcome in that moment based on my knowledge and understanding.

Your role as a client is to also focus on Yourself. To observe the changes. To notice not only the changes around your complaint but also the changes that needs to happen in your life in order to best support yourself in the moment.

Healing happens in the present, not the future.

So what should I expect?
You can expect to be understood and compassionately cared for.
Throughout your session I will do my best to listen to you and assess your condition.
I will provide you with personalized advice, treatment plan and a safe environment for your healing journey.

image depicting a staircase looking like a spiral
Spiral of a Healing Journey

Is Acupuncture and Medical massage a quick fix?
It can be, but most often than not: it isn’t.
However I do tend to see around a 50% improvement within the first 2 sessions.

If you think about it.. Usually people develop health issues over many years due to poor lifestyle, emotional abuse, stressful jobs and such.
Healing a bone fracture that happens in a second can take up to 3 months to fully heal.
So is it really a healthy expectation to be “healed” in 3 sessions of Acupuncture?

Whether it is emotional or physical trauma. Healing takes time.
Change requires time and effort.
We are working through many different layers (psychological, emotional, physical, energetic) instead of simply focusing on the symptoms. Which may come back much easier if the root is not addressed.

Acupuncture and Tuina treatments are accumulative. It is not a linear, ‘quick-fix’ path. It can be better imagined as a Spiral of healing journey.

Is healing about fixing problems and symptoms?
That is a slightly deeper subject, so I will leave that question for a later blog post.

Where can I ask further questions and book my personal appointment?
Please feel free to get in touch here.