About me

Hi there,
My name is Mike (Mihaly Rosta).

Mihály Rosta - Chinese Medicine Acupuncture BSc (Hons), MBAcC
Mihály Rosta – Chinese Medicine Acupuncture BSc (Hons), MBAcC.

I am the founder and owner of Harmony Within Acupuncture practice.

​I have achieved my degree of ‘Chinese Medicine Acupuncture BSc (Honors)’ from the University of Westminster.

I am currently undertaking a comprehensive Chinese manual therapy (Tuina) course at the City College of Acupuncture run by Sarah Pritchard.

I am also a full member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), which is the largest governing body of Chinese Medicine practitioners in the UK.

British Acupuncture Council (BAcC)

BAcC is also accredited by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) which is a government endorsed, independent organisation overseeing regulations, therefore upholding high standards of health- and social-care for the public.

Professional Standards Authority (PSA) Accredited Register

I believe that -simply taken- life is a learning curve, therefore I am always looking for new ways of extending my knowledge. I am especially interested in treating psycho-emotional disorders (e.g. stress, anxiety, depression, addiction), as well as including Tuina massage, dietary advice, Qigong -and soon meditations- in my practice.

My practice is based in Highgate, North London; however I am also offering treatments in Fitzrovia, Central London.

My mission:

I understand that due to our metropolitan lifestyle we all tend to “forget” about the aches and pains until they scream too loud to be ignored anymore. And that is usually the point when most people look for us health care professionals.

But is that the right attitude towards our health?

I believe that people are responsible for their own health.

According to Daoist philosophy health is a fairly complex concept. It is influenced by:

  • Heaven (e.g. your spirit, genetics and birth)
  • Man (your lifestyle: e.g. diet, exercise, meditation, sleep patterns) and
  • Earth (which I may describe  as external factors like weather, viruses or abuse).

In my practice I take into account all three influencing aspects described above.

However it is your habits and attitude towards life (Man) which has the biggest impact on your health in my experience.

And that is why at Harmony Within we are always ready to make recommendation in regards to your lifestyle. Don’t worry, we believe in that change happens slowly, in small steps.

But don’t forget, looking for and accepting help is often the first step towards a healthier self.

This is your chance to take your well-being into your own hands.

My mission is to help you prevent lasting pains and illnesses on both mental and physical levels. To guide you on the path of self-nourishment (yangsheng) before any disharmony reaches unbearable levels.